Shine The Brightest


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This is the sweat, blood and tears of the past year and a half of my life. I have worked very hard on making this happen and it finally happened! Thank you for your help and support! Enjoy the music!


released January 31, 2012

Anya Skidan - vocals, piano, organ, guitar, ukulele, harmonies
Aaron Dugan - production, guitar, mandolin
Shaw Walters - production (Hidden Treasures, Colder, Soft and Gentle, Traveler's Heart), guitar
Jacob Cohen - cello
Ramsey Modiri - bass (Summer Is Gone)
Vinny Kucinski - drums (Summer is Gone, Shine The Brightest)
Noah Plotkin - drums, conga, percussion
Matt Manold - bass (Colder, HT, TH, SnG)
Amy Carrigan - back vocals, harmonies (Spiritual, OLTG, Summer is Gone)



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SKIDAN California

Wisdom covered in sounds transcended through the beating heart of the present.

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Track Name: Spiritual
All over myself all over you
All over this life and past ones too
You all over my life

You seeing without looking
You feeling without touching
You kissing without lips
Swimming in cosmic love,
You are
Swimming in cosmic love

Silent music of our souls
Blocks the pains of reality
You deserve the best

The spiritual fulfilling
Invisible forces
Don't ever hide
Track Name: Hidden Treasures
Dreams of love come from above
Wings of glory
Yellow sun is shining through
Making it warm

Sweet embrace of your lover's grace
We are flowing
Soft as water and hard as a stone
Your heart is sown

With seeds
Of magic that completes
Of never ending leads
To the hidden treasures of the mind
Touch and kiss the light
Feeling at its hight
Wrapped in white light

Dream in circles
High and low
Find a friend to linger on
Free yourself from prisons of the earthly love

Close your eyes
See paradise
Behind your story
Life can never be the same
Time to reclaim

What's yours
Open dusty doors
Throw away what bores
Let the passion dwell
Stronger than a spell
Ringing silver bells
For the visions of the sumptious flame
Track Name: Colder
You're becoming colder,
As we're growing older
Watching days go by

Somewhere deep inside of my mind
I know we're still alive
I've got my twenty five and hopes for future

Neu seja, tao frio, con migo, meu amor

You don't need so much of it
Yet you're so attatched to it,
Touched by it,
Living your life how you please

Don't be so cold to me
I've got a soul in me
Thirsty for love

Neu seja, tao frio, con migo, meu amor
Track Name: Soft and Gentle
Big and surreal
Like paradise found
Waves are gliding across the night sky

Big and unreal
Our dreams collide
They turn into river
That flows through life

Soft and gentle
Like her touch
That you've been longing for so much
All the beauty in the world
My eyes cannot behold

Big Sur
That's where my winds will always blow
Big Sur
No other land I'm looking for

I've got time on my hands
Silence for my friends
And stories for the whole world to be told
I've got wind in my head
Music heartfelt
Exodus that never ever ends

Track Name: One Life To Give
Sunday, you can spend it your way
Enjoy while it lasts
Dream tonight send all the fight away

One day we all will be there
Knowing they were so right
Loving things for pure sake of light

Thinking of this is keeping up all night
So is loneliness that you have left behind
Take it away with you or never leave
Cause you know we only have one life to give

Windows of our lives
All have different scenes
Kaleidoscopic world of perfect stills
Humble heart, soulful mind
Buys you all the freedom you want
Shield yourself it's never gonna end
Track Name: Summer is Gone
Like hissing dawn
Summer is gone
Whispering breathing caressing the wind

White feather floats
Setting the modes
For the unknown and invisible

I look at strangers
Passing along
I know my heart is not grown
You open my eyes
To the rhythms of life
Watching the world on hold

You can understand
You can comprehend
Nature sets the feeling
Nobody can help
You just love you can't help
Love you can't help
You just love you can't help
Love you can't help
Track Name: Be Here Now
Wonderful body full of tears and fears
How would I know how to please
Tell me how to be beautiful from the inside out
Tell me how to have pure soul from the inside out
Tell me how to love your life from the inside out

You can dance and sing your way through your life
You can also grouch and complain all the time
Nothing to worry about anytime
Feel beautiful anytime
You can trust your life anytime

Realized beings full of love
Fulfilling the moments make them last
Pleasure and pain and loss and gain and fame and shame are all the same
be here now
Track Name: Traveler's Heart
Who is that standing in the shade
Watching this game he already played
Silently rising above mankind
Chanting the chants of wisdom and pride
(Where are you looking, where do you go, how would I know you will come home)

Pleasures of heaven, pains of hell
Freedom of flyng and prison cell
walking the streets like you and I
And when he greets you won't turn your blind eye

Traveler's heart is a work of art
Traveler's heart has no weak part
Dazzling and healing as the sun
Worthy of stealing in a longer run
Track Name: Shine The Brightest
Waves of love and fresh blue wind
Moon caresses weeping
Raising buckets from a well
Full of tender light

Stay with me just one more night
Prince of lucid passions
There's no need to draw a line
Where the morning starts

Through my eyes into your soul
Rays of hope are shining
Gather ancient secret stones
Planets are aligning
Shine the brightest

Longing for the summer rain
Yearning for attraction
Our clouds will collide
With the satisfaction
Never miss a chance to sense
Wisdom filled aroma
We can press life on repeat
I can see your aura
Shine the brightest